07 February 2009

what a world

the rodent pope takes tea with one of his minions who doesn't believe the Holocaust happend. Mormons spent over $22 million to back Prop 8. Shepard Fairey has been arrestd for making art. Trudy Steuernagel was beaten to death by her son. reports are that rats & roaches are dryroastd at Peanut Corp of America. a woman with too many children burdens the world with octuplets. Ted Haggard cast his penis for his very own dildo. & Bernie Madoff still isn't in jail.


gleeindc said...

and there are people who ae wondering about the world just like you. I am Gary, Bill Fogle's partner and just wanted to connect and let you know that there are lots of us out here and your blog is one that Bill recommended to me (the item your dad made that you posted was something that made me so aware of the love in families, even if, like mine, they might be poltically opposite). Anyway, just wanted to connect.

AlexG said...

thank you so much for connecting Gary. I know just a bit abt you thru Bill's writing.

I've long had a dark world view but I'm afraid I'm dealing with some challenging personal issues right now. so I fear my blogging has turnd bleak. maybe it's time for a Carmen Miranda festival.

Bloggy Friend Bill said...

OMG she is my desktop

hope this sheds some light that makes you feel less alone

richard lopez said...

what's this about fairey arrested? i need to google it. came to his work very recently and know only snippets of it. part of the pop surrealism movement i think.

anyway, yes, it's a fucked up world. almost makes one want to despair and give in. but without sounding strained i do think there is hope and hope in for the hopeless.

Montgomery Maxton said...

shepard fairey is the new warhol, fame wise. i love him. get to see him in september. if he's not in a colorless jail cell. OBEY!