20 February 2009


an old friend sent me a cheer package yesterday. one of the special items was this lobbycard for "Compulsion" which was releasd a half century ago. my scanner isn't big enuf to show the whole image. but we do see Diane Varsi with Orson Welles.

I met Varsi in San Francisco 31 years ago. she was a beautiful intelligent woman with many interests. her Hollywood debut as Lana Turner's daughter in "Peyton Place" brought her an Oscar nom. she developd a reputation as being difficult & suddenly left Hollywood. altho her film career continued on & off afterward she never regaind that initial momentum.

we once had a long phone conversation abt poetry. I no longer recall the details but it was apparent she knew what was happening in the literary world.

Varsi's last years were challenging ones with a myriad of health problems. she died at 54. the day after this year's Oscars is her birthday.

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