06 February 2009

go west young man

this Kodachrome print I suspect was taken from a slide. I was 11 when my Eastern Heights classmates & I were photographd as part of a project on the western states. I'm the one holding the totem pole. my recollection is that we did our research for a presentation to parents.

as someone who now lives in the southwest the one item in this photo that's of interest to me is the kachina being held by the Girl Scout.

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Bloggy Friend Bill said...

"Instantly recognizable," as you once commented on a baby photo of mine.

Hope you are fine & dandy Mister. Haven't seen much of you on the Internet waves lately. Gone are the cheerful lunch menus.

Oh, and just ignore me about Stephen Sondheim (I trust you have learned to do this). I just never got bitten by the bug. But I respect his body of work tremendously.