08 February 2009

chica chica boom chic

some time ago I mentiond here that historically a personal antidote to depression has been watching "I Love Lucy" reruns or a Carmen Miranda movie. & in yesterday's comments the Brazilian Bombshell came up again.

those who have copies of Gildzen at 50 have seen the photo of me placing a banana on Carmen's grave 21 years ago. on that trip to Rio I also visitd a musuem devoted to her & purchasd an album of her songs.

2 years after that I took the Grave Line Tour in Hollywood.

the limo pickd us up on a side street next to Grauman's Chinese which I think disappeard when the Hollywood & Highland construction took place. we were driven to spots where stars died. this was the house in Beverly Hills where Carmen died.

in 1998 I visitd the new Carmen Miranda Square at Hollywood Blvd & Orange. the woman lives on & never fails to cheer me.


Bloggy Friend Bill said...

I had never really seen footage of her until recently. I liked her self-confidence. A lot like Lucy, too, I guess ... laughing all the way to the bank (apparently she was the highest-paid female entertainer).

I crave "dumbness" in others (I liked Charo, too), a self-mocking energy which, like Shakespeare's comedies, is the best drama.

gleeindc said...

I remember reading Hollywood Babylon II and (pg. 275) seeing her "natural air conditioning" photo, dancing panti-less with Cesar Romero (whose trousers did not let the reader know if he was flying commando or not).