24 February 2009

the give & take of nature

you may recall my anguish last spring to learn my beloved Spanish Broom had sufferd death by gopher.

this afternoon while clearing some dried plants next to the front of the house I was excitd to see a few tiny Spanish Broom plants. I hope at least one of these volunteers may some day flourish.


Bloggy Friend Bill said...

Lovely! I don't know Spanish Broom, but I loved my Scotch Broom (which I lost).

You'll appreciate the story that I have the absolute final plant that was my mother's (I killed the others I took from her place in 2002). Last summer I thought I was losing it and was beside myself, just sick. But it's fine. A cactus that has grown 10 times its size since my mom had it in her bedroom window.

AlexG said...

I'm so happy you still have one of yr mom's plants Bill. I've brought starts from my parents' yard to NM. some don't survive the transition but a few are struggling. & every time I look at them I think of Mom & Dad.