13 February 2009

comings & goings

when I visit Winckles St I have to read both morning papers before Mom. she clips as she she reads. crossword puzzle goes to one neighbor   horoscope to another. she sends medical items to Dr. John & dog things to Bill Berger. I get show biz & writing as well as obits.

in today's mail was the obituary of David Fulford. many years ago he had the area's best summer stock theater. Canal Fulton Summer Arena was intimate enough that you cd become involvd. in addition to presenting such "normal" summer stock diet as Tab Hunter doing Neil Simon & George Nader as Mr. Roberts   Fulford challengd his audiences. I've already mentiond here Sal Mineo's jolting production of "End As a Man." there was also Mercedes MacCambridge in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf." & how cd I ever forget how beautiful Brandon DeWilde was when he playd Tom Jones.


Bloggy Friend Bill said...

Can I rent your mom? OMG how lucky you are to still have a mother who "clips" articles for you (always a sign of intelligence ... Gary does it .... drives me nuts).

The theater sounds thrilling and exceptional. I'm embarrassed to say I couldn't figure out whether it is in NM or elsewhere.

AlexG said...

if I told Mom abt you she'd put you on her list too.

Canal Fulton was a small town in Ohio. I'd heard the theater was designd by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright. have no idea what became of the structure.

Anonymous said...

My brother worked at canal fulton summer theater back early 60s. He passed away 10 yrs ago. I have a pencil drawing he made of the theater in 61 -62 season. One the picture are all the autographs of the stars that season. Edward Everet Horton, Joe e. Brown, Margaret Truman, George Montgomery, Vivian Vance, Pat Harrington Jr., Pat Obrien along with David Fultons and a few others. I also have a few other programs with signatures. If anyone may be intested in purchasing any of these its please e-mail me at fivesault@aol.com. Thanks

James R. said...

I loved the Canal Fulton Summer Arena Theater. I would travel from central Ohio often to catch their amazing productions featuring big names in "REAL" theater, with no microphones, only great productions and real talent. Gisele MacKenzie was a regular performer there for five years in a row, lighting the theater in the round up with her amazing singing and talent in shows like Gypsy, Hello Dolly, Mame, etc. In fact, I was at the theater for EVERY Gisele MacKenzie perforance.

anita said...

I was a teen actress at Canal Fulton and would love to hear from former actors of audience members. I only found this site as I was watching movie Teahouse of August Moon and remembered that I was in the play with Eddie Bracken at CF. My younger siblings were in it as well and I stil have the phonetic japanese lyrics we had to sing! I played daughter of Pat O'Brien and William Bendix in other plays as well as other roles during the seasons in early 1960s. My name was Anita Yellin.
any one else out there have memorabilia?