20 March 2008

the house on South Willow

my last Stopher Hall roommate Chuck Eggleston & I moved into the front attic room of this off-campus dwelling in june of 1964. (I took this photo more than 40 years later.) 6 months later my roommate was photographer Michael Chikiris. by summer of 1965 I was interning at General Tire in Akron & made enuf to rent the room by myself.

all the guys in the house shared one bathroom which was on the 2nd floor. we rarely used the 1st floor kitchen -- altho I remember one holiday Chuck & I fixd steaks & baked potatoes (which never got done) for our dates (mine was Olympic gymnast Betty Jean Maycock).

I remember on one of my parents' visits they brought my grandfather who was so winded by climbing all the stairs he immediately had to sit down & the only place was my bed -- which was a mattress on the floor.

for part of my tenure at 334 the boarder in the rear attic room was Jim Hailey who may have been the one who told me abt the place. we'd been friends for some time. our mutual pal Cynthia Mayer just sent me this photo of Jim & I (which is probably the only one of us together that exists):

I have no memory of where or when or why it was taken.

altho I lived on South Willow for only a year & a half I have many memories of the place. one of the most vivid was the nite Stan Krippner brewd morning glory tea for Jim & Cynthia & I.

among those who visitd the garret during that time were such buddies as student body president Craig Stephens & budding journalist Bill Bierman.

we were all young & hopeful then.

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