29 March 2008

kiev from the chicken kitchen

Rock Hudson has a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars but Lucille Ball has her own statue.

there is a line from Neoboy's Rock Hudson shrine to the Faberge egg.

David Meredith & I viewd Easter eggs in the Faberge Gallery at New Orleans Museum of Art in 2000.

Regina Yando brought me back a lacquerd egg from St. Petersburg in 1999.

Nancy Holt gave me a ceramic egg for Xmas in 1997.

I made blue devild eggs for my cast party for the Mabou Mines production of "Blue Devils" in 1986.

Rock Hudson & Yvonne De Carlo were co-stars in "Sea Devils" in 1953.

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Anonymous said...

neoboy needs know glue.~neoboy

what a beautiful piece. thank you. Yvonne De Carlo!