23 March 2008

all my eggs in the same basket

I was born on Easter.

the day before I was born Hal Mohr was best man at the wedding of Barbara Pepper & Craig Reynolds.

Barbara Pepper & Lucille Ball were Goldwyn Girls together.

Barbara Pepper did small roles in several episodes of "I Love Lucy."

the Palm Springs episode of "I Love Lucy" was broadcast on my 12th birthday.

Rock Hudson made his tv acting debut on the Palm Springs episode of "I Love Lucy."

I purchasd Rock Hudson's cufflinks at the Elyria Women's Club celebrity auction the month before my 14th birthday.

Rock Hudson has a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars but Lucille Ball has her own statue.

I saw Lucille Ball & Rock Hudson on the stage of Radio City Music Hall 2 months before my 42nd birthday.

Lucille Ball died the day after my 46th birthday.

the next time my birthday falls on Easter I will be 95.

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Anonymous said...

As I think we talked about back then (2005), I visited Palm Springs on "golf vacation" with my friend Bill and loved it there.

Shoot, I should look into seeing if I could live there someday, maybe, retire there someday, maybe...

Yeah, it's in southern California (and not northern California, which I much prefer), and it's in "the desert," but it's still California, and it's definitely got all the golf and warm weather a fellow and his wife could desire...

Blah blah...