22 March 2008

one of many things

that make aging awful: changes in the body.

I used to have allergies only in the fall. yesterday (the 1st day of spring) I was walking to meet Karen & Robert Nott for dinner. tears began to run down my face. my nose was running more than the Santa Fe River.

soon I'll be going on a Cinco walk. I expect whatever pollen is lurking out there will attack.

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richard lopez said...

if you have allergies then sac isn't yr kind of town, alex. here most have allergies and right now as everything appears to be exploding with growth is the worst time for allergic reactions. i mean there is yellow pollen that covers everthing: sidewalks, driveways, cars, dogs, cats and people. but for me the worst is tree mold, that's when my eyes well up, my nose runs like the american river, and even the effort of lifting my coffee cup in the morning feels like i'm forcing myself to perform under 300 ft of water. in other words, the weather is beautiful, the inner weather is horrid!