09 October 2006

"the wavishing Kay Fwancis"

that's what the Hollywood wags used to call Kay Francis (1899?-1968). the poor thing had a slight problem with her r's which made her the butt of jokes. but I always found her a bit short of marvelous. maybe it was that she made up for her speech problem & funny hairline by wearing clothes so well & simply standing like a piece of sculpture.

today TCM did a KF tribute. I only caught the 1934 Michael Curtiz romp "Mandalay." as expectd she lookd dazzling in an array of Orry-Kelly creations.


irajoel said...

I always liked her, and have some nice photos of her also. She's real good in trouble in paradise with the equally fine Miriam Hopkins who I also always liked. I've always heard that Francis was a lesbian.

AlexG said...

haven't read the bio of her but the authors had access to her private diaries. apparently she was bi with much time spent in bed with major stars of both sexes.