24 October 2006

the reading

for a reading to be a success both poet & audience must work & give.

I felt my reading thur nite was one of my best ever. I was confident & the audience was responsive. it all clickd. I dedicatd the reading to "my parents who I love & Melina who I miss." it opend with a tape of me reading some Palm Springs moments from Alex in Movieland   first time I ever read from that work. then a selection from Ohio Triangle & finally from the Hollywood collection. & I was even able to continue my piece 85 Envelopes. while the opening tape was playing I made a circle of Mother's envelopes which I stood in to read. after reading "View from the Porch" I pausd to pick up envelopes & give one to each member of the audience. I told them they cd do whatever they wantd with it but if they wantd to make some art from it to forward the documentation to me to add to the piece.

the artist Izayah Jeffrey capturd some of the mood:

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Tom Beckett said...

Congrats, Alex.

Carol said...

Wow, Alex, I'm glad I found you. Yet another thing I have to thank Aunt Vera for. I'd love to have been at your reading.