03 October 2006

Jonny Lang

makes me hard.

listening to him at the Lensic last nite was like rough sex in a dark alley.

& then he did an encore which was tender as first love.

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Regality said...

I had planned to see Lang at the beginning of his career, several years ago, but something ruined the plans--don't remember what now. I was actually going as a favor to a cyberfriend (who claimed to be disabled) who was gaga over Lang. Never did see Lang and have long since lost track of the cyberfriend. My impression of Lang's sound then was that he was a 65-year-old man who had been rid hard and put up wet in the body of a 15-year-old. Still love his first album. Do miss his long straggly locks, though. I'm a sucker (no pun intended) for a guy with long straggly locks. *sigh*

Alex Gildzen said...

in this picture I took he looks so young. but on stage he seems much older. in fact I think he's only a couple of years older than Carney but lord what a diff between the two. almost bubblegum vs. whisky.