17 October 2006

separation of church & state?

reading an LA Times article on how the wingnuts are coming out to save Santorum I read this: Across Pennsylvania, pastors are preparing to stuff voter guides into their Sunday bulletins.

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iliveinmyskin said...

Dear Arroyo,
"separation of church & state?" Lol, They break their own rules.

Take any so-called church and search it at http://kepler.sos.ca.gov/list.html and you will see all so-called churches are corporations with a charter to do business issued by the state (State=mental concept).

A state only exists in their heads backed by a gun, its all pure fantasy IE: State of Insanity in a Haluci-Nation.

I have never met a bureaucrat that cares to define a state under oath after they have perjured themselves for 10-15 minutes. They can say they live in a state until they are blue in the face, but could NOT tell you factually what it is to save their life, or if they did it would start the house of cards falling (Living in a mental concept).

I have lead so called law enforcement officers down the perjury path so many times by asking ....so this alleged matter happened in the state of California? And you were in the state? How long have you lived in the state? And you know this to be true? Remember you are under oath! Also, do you know that to tell something that you do not know to be true is considered to be a lie? Ok, then factually what is the state?.....silence! And silence is acquiescence to the fact that he just committed perjury that amounts to 20 years in prison. If he does define it they lose the case because nobody can prove I am living in their mind (No jurisdiction).

Remember the only place a state is real is in your head or that piece of lead going through it.

Please excuse me I could not resist.

Best regards