06 October 2006

mad for Dick

35 years ago most of my male friends were in love with Dick Cavett. he was intelligent & witty & cute in that wholesome midwestern way. & I surely had a thing for him. he appears 3 times in The Year Book.

Turner Classic Movies is showing his old interview series. last nite I caught up with the fun Bette Davis episode. it was lovely to see him in his prime. such charm was rare for television then & remains so now.


rob2 said...

Thanks for the alert, Alex. I love Dick Cavett, and watched as many of his shows as I could. I'll have to look for this series.

cinemage books said...

wI would watch Cavett every night. He was marvelous, but the one show actually shows that I loved and remember the most was the time that zero mostel subsituted for cavett for several nights. I thought I would pee in my pants and bed. I definately want to see the dvd collections.

Jean Vengua said...

Thanks for mentioning the Turner series on Cavett. That was a great show that has sort of receded in my mind. I do remember that was the first time I saw Robin Williams drive the audience crazy. I want to get hold of that series, for sure.