29 October 2006

today is d.a. levy's birthday

Kon Petrochuk came to Special Collections in jan 1980 to see our levy materials for a film he was going to make. in june of the following year I went to Cleveland for the premiere of that movie "if i scratch, if i write."

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a quarter century later Kon has producd a revision of that work. watching it I was often overwhelmd. there was the cover of the levy issue of The Serif which I editd & quotes from the essay I askd Gary Snyder to write. there were interviews with my teacher Jacob Leed & my contemporaries Kent Taylor & Bob Carothers & Grace Butcher & Tony Walsh standing on the balconies of the Arcade. there were shots of mighty Terminal Tower & Lorain Ave Bridge. & was that me in the blur of footage of levy at Sun Gallery in Kent?

I can't be objective abt this documentary because I'm too close to it. but 25 years after seeing the first version I feel even more moved by the reworking of it. if you are a reader of levy or someone who loves Cleveland it's a film to see. it's easy to purchase the DVD.

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