14 October 2006

National Dessert Day

guess I've been a bit downbeat here. well   it's hard to tapdance when you're depressd. but I just learnd what today is. & that filld me with memories:

chocolate cheesecake at Emil's in Columbus
whole wheat donuts at Gibson's in Oberlin
hot fudge sundae at C.C. Brown's in Hollywood
pumpkin pie at Egg Castle in Akron
palacsinta at Albabardos in Budapest
chocolate eclair at Caffe Sha Sha in Manhattan
creampuffs at Kyvelia in Kalambaka
cinnamon roll at Absolute Bakery in Mancos
cherry strudel at West Side Market in Cleveland
peach crepes at Squat & Gobble in San Francisco
dessert bento box at Nobu in Las Vegas
canoli at Termini Bros. in Philadelphia

& here in Santa Fe there has been apple pie at Pink Adobe   petitfours at Chocolate Maven   double-dippd cookies at Desert Desserts   blackout cake at Plaza Cafe.

also I can't forget those homemade desserts. Mother's donuts   Aunt Mary's kifle   Julia Waida's kettle cake   Bernice Pogan's chocolate chip cookies   Sal Kovach's pistachio cake   Dimitri's apple dumpling   Luca's cherry pie. & in London 22 years ago Roberta Berke made me this:

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