11 December 2005

Internet Movie Database

so I did one last festival film. its star Ernie Hudson was there. he began his remarks afterward with "if you check my credits in IMDb..." it was the first time I'd heard anyone -- except friends -- refer to their own entry in the "earth's biggest movie database."

as a cinemaddict I use IMDb daily. those of us who do realize it isn't perfect. there are omissions & mistakes. for example   there is no listing for me. I realize my brief foray into extra work ("Santa Fe" 1997 & "Maniacts" 2001)hardly deserves it. but my supporting role in Richard Myers' "Jungle Girl" (1984) shd be there. in fact   Myers' entry is shockingly inadequate. compare it with the listing Canyon Cinema provides. yes Myers is a non-commercial filmmaker. however "Jungle Girl" premierd at Filmex & was reviewd by Sheila Benson in the LA Times.

given its faults   IMDb still remains a substantial resource. whenever I'm abt to watch an old unfamiliar feature I try to check it to alert me to look for certain uncreditd cast members. for instance   Gibson Gowland   star of "Greed"   16 years later sinks to the bit role of Posse Member in "The Ape."

& then the listologist in me appreciates the entries as lists. as early as 1973 I acknowledge the filmography as art form in Little Lists with my Joe LeSueur piece.

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