29 December 2005

hit me with a pink gel

Backstage. Brothers & Sisters. Reno Sweeney. how well I recall the nites I hauntd such cabarets. then I longd to be in show biz. I fantasizd my own nite club act. I'd come out in a black tux with an endless white feather boa & sing a lowdown torchy arrangement of "Some Day My Prince Will Come."


Malibu said...

Ricky Martin was in the gossip rags this month because apparently he requires an amber gel whenever he performs.

The closest I came to this same dream would have probably been back in the day when the Fotomat booth was still part of the American landscape - and I was mentally singing 'Someday My Prints Will Come".

And don't give up on Show Business just yet. Maybe celebritydom will still find us - afterall MTV could decide to ride the Brokeback Mountain phenomena and come up with a Real World- Homo Retirement Home series for all of us hip, aging boomers. Ahem.

mark young said...

I've always rendered the second line of the song as

& I too will have an orgasum

AlexG said...

Malibu -- I adore photo booths. I have a batch of those old shots which I think wd make a great cover for "Alex in Movieland."

Mark -- I see all manner of poems coming from "orgasum."