13 December 2005

everything old is new again

Eartha Kitt wearing only ermine poses before a frosty window & purrs "Santa Baby." she delivers probably the naughtiest lyric in any holiday tune: "come & trim my Xmas tree."

this scene is from "New Faces of 1952"   a film which basically preserves the Broadway show. among its writers was Melvin Brooks. it was his first film. & one of the sketches which I presume he helpd write is a parody of Truman Capote. this was over a half century ago. strange that 2 current screen hits are "Capote" & "The Producers."


Malibu said...

Speaking of Xmas music from the 50's, you know what's missing from today's music scene? Big choral groups like the Ray Coniff singers - or the King Family Singers (I think that was their name). I'm not even sure what the modern day equivalent would be? A gay men's chorus?

I remember when the tire company Firestone used to put out these Xmas compilation albums every year - featuring the Coniff singers, the Nelson Riddle orchestra, Andy Williams and the Fred Waring choir.

I feel so old. LOL

AlexG said...

funny... next weekend the Palm Springs Gay Men's Chorus is doing their xmas concert & it's based on the old tv specials.