02 December 2005

happy birthday

Julie Harris turns 80 today.

few actresses have had the successes she has. a major Broadway star   she also was a legend in the "golden age" of tv drama & appeard in enough solid films to assure herself of a certain immortality on screen.

I see her everyday in this picture my friend Peter Burnell had her sign for me. it hangs in the guest bathroom:

together in Terence Rattigan's "In Praise of Love" (1974) Posted by Picasa


Malibu Boy said...


Wasn't Julie Harris a guest on Carol Burnett's show? She looks awfully familiar from 70s era tv.

AlexG said...

don't remember her ever doing a Burnett. in the 70s she had 2 flop series -- "Thicker than Water" & "The Family Holvak." but in the next decade she did a number of years as a regular on "Knots Landing."

Harris just receivd one of the Kennedy Center Honors which will be telecast at year's end. & she holds the record for the most Tony awards.