10 July 2005

back from Elyria

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I can gauge my father's health by looking at his garden.

last year was tough. he was in a precarious state. & the garden lookd like hell. more weeds than plants. on this trip back I found Dad looking & feeling better than he has in some time. of course he's frail & now uses a cane. daily he copes with a multiplicity of insults to the body. but his spirit is inspiring. & he always looks forward. for his 87th birthday he requestd his first electric shaver & I was happy to comply.

& the garden is more handsome than ever. stately rows of tomatoes. perky peppers. cucumbers curling skyward.

I helpd him water   weed   rototill   hill potatoes   plant late peppers. one early evening as we waterd side-by-side he startd whistling. surprisingly to me the song was "3 Coins in the Fountain." that made me happier than I can convey.

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durlx said...

That's really sweet, Alex!