16 July 2005

Santa Fe Art Fair

I've purchasd work at this annual event before   but I never go with that intention. I feel an obligation to support emerging artists but don't have the purse to be able to do so with the panache I'd like.

yesterday I'd finishd a yum Thai lunch with a friend & had a few hours before Lee Friedlander's opening. so I went to the fair. at the booth of LA gallery DeSoto I encounterd some charming little paintings of chairs. I thot they'd be a great match for my friend Billy who collects both art & designer chairs. when I askd abt them it turnd out that the artist Kelly Reemtsen was there. we had a lovely chat.

around another corner was a booth for Albuquerque's New Grounds Print Workshop. the one piece that caught my eye was a photogravure calld "Solace."

I noticd a young man who I presumd workd at the booth noticing me looking at the piece. suddenly I realizd he was the subject of the work. so I began talking with him & learnd that he -- Rob Thalmann -- was the artist.

well yes. I walkd out of the place with the print under my arm.

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Exguyparis said...

Wow... a very powerful photo. I'm glad it found a happy home.