12 July 2005

Blogoview question of the week

Charles Jensen asks his fellow poet/bloggers a weekly question. this one is which dead poet wd you most like to meet.

Charles names Frank O'Hara. my ship already passd in the nite with that great poet. so for my choice I'll go back a bit further to Hart Crane whose death came almost exactly 11 years before my birth.

I'm not sure if young poets read Crane much anymore. he doesn't seem to be talkd abt in the same way he was when I was a young poet. there is no denying his early influence on me.

* * *

not long after posting the above I went to the site of John Perreault to read the second of his Smithson pieces. what a surprise to find a photo of Hart Crane there...


Charles said...

I need to read Crane. I've read parts of The Bridge but couldn't give it my full attention at the time. He's an interesting figure.

Tom Beckett said...

I'd want to meet Gertrude Stein.

richard lopez said...

Crane was a sort of Virgil for me in my younger days. I didn't know he was out of fashion either, since I came to my reading thru lots of writers. I still dig him.