30 July 2005

the men behind "Ainadamar"

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this ayem I was off to the Lensic for a panel by the creative team behind SFO's Lorca opera which opens tonite.

composer Osvaldo Golijov seems a gentle quiet person on the outside but with seething passions running deep. he spoke of the layers of our minds.

librettist David Henry Hwang -- a sexy & funny man -- was attractd to Lorca because: "my art predicts my own life" as did the Spanaird's.

director Peter Sellars -- aging wunderkind with the electric hair -- drew enthusiastic applause when he condemnd the country's current political climate.

set designer Gronk who paintd the entire set himself describd his use of the imagery of seeds.

I don't see the piece for another 2 weeks but can't wait.

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Radish King said...

Are you on this panel? If so, what was your part in creating the opera? I'm currently writing the libretto for an opera for the composer Roupen Shakarian. It is not our first collaboration (he is currently writing the music to Bone Island Suite a song cycle I composed for him.


AlexG said...

whoops. didn't mean to give the impression I was on the panel. merely a spectator. Hwang -- who wrote the play "M. Butterfly" -- did the liberetto.

wd love to write one but haven't been askd.

good luck with yrs Rebecca.