14 July 2005

Terminal Tower

Mother begins her day by reading 2 newspapers. & she clips as she goes. when I visit I have to get up early to read thru the Plain Dealer & Chronicle-Telegram before she gets her scissors out.

I'm one of the lucky ones who receive regular mailings of her clippings. last week she gave me the recent ones she hadn't maild yet. one was abt Cleveland's celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the Terminal Tower   my first skyscraper & still a favorite building.

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when I was a boy Terminal Tower was the second tallest building in the world. every time I went to Cleveland I lookd forward to gazing up at its elegance. in recent years a Cleveland building whose name I don't care to mention surpassd its 52 stories but in my mind Terminal Tower will always be Cleveland to me.

built in the late 1920s by the bachelor Van Sweringen brothers   the structure has been featurd in movies & famous photographs by Margaret Bourke-White who was once a tenant. on the nightstand beside my bed I keep this antique souvenir my parents found at a garage sale:

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Moi said...

Very impressive building... very strange brothers! I bet there are a few stories floating around the rooms of thier mansion (if it still exists).


AlexG said...

Rooundwood Manor was featurd in "Architectural Digest" in 1972. so I'm presuming it's still around.