03 July 2005

thigh candy

movies generous in display of pulchritude are dubbd "eye candy." last nite I finally saw "Troy." when it was over I wrote a short poem calld "Brad Pitt's Thighs."


Moi said...

Ah yes, Brad's thighs...
his pipes and timbrels are pretty hot as well.

Would love to see the poem!


AlexG said...


I cd spread
a picnic there

feast of juice
& tender meat

I cd lick
the flesh there

then wipe lips
knowing I will

remember his name

richard lopez said...

lovely! how about a poem on Johnny Depp's eyes.

AlexG said...

strange that you shd mention that Richard. after writing "Thighs" I kept on going & will eventually have a chapbook -- "Body Parts."

& since Walt is so much on my mind I'll begin with a quote from him:
"...from top to toe I sing."

Moi said...

"Body Parts," by Alex G. Now THAT'S something to look forward to!