10 May 2005

overlapping lives

I was born in Monterey CA but took the cross-country train to Lorain OH at 2 weeks. Mom & I took up residence with my maternal grandfather. our house was in walking distance of Toni Morrison's. did we pass on the street?

my first visit to NYC was in july 1952. I was in the audience of a radio broadcast. the theater was near where James Dean lived. did we pass on the street?

11 years later I was at a Manhattan party. Frank O'Hara was there but I didn't know it till he left. had we lockd eyes?

I've always found such overlappings intriguing.

yesterday Jeff Wietor postd haunting photographs by Todd Hido. the short bio mentions he was born in Kent OH in 1968. I immediately lookd up more of Hido's work. then I dashd off an e to him. turns out Hido lived in Kent his first 18 years.

did we pass on the street?

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