17 May 2005

old friends

I think I met Mary Ann Begland in the fall of 1966. the good times/bad times in between then & now are the stuff of novels. we haven't seen each other in some time but today's her birthday & I always call her on her birthday to catch up.

even when I don't consciously think abt her she's a part of my life. I have 2 pieces of hers on my walls. I bought this one from her in the summer of 1968:

"Isadora" Posted by Hello

it pleases me that I cd live with a work of art so long & not tire of it. & it's a lovely feeling to have things around the house that once belongd to people I care abt. every day I use dishes that were Julia Waida's. I have my father's old hand saw & quilts from Aunt Mary Yando & my grandfather's ancient radio & Algesa O'Sickey's lamp. I like that.

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