05 May 2005

hair today &

this was me on my first trip to Europe in 1973.

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& this is me 20 minutes ago.

since I startd going bald I've been cutting my own hair. Dimitri left a battery-operatd cutter which was perfect. but it broke. so yesterday I bought an electric one. this morning I broke open the package & gave it a try. welllllll   electric haircutters zoom. suddenly I lookd like Falconetti in the final frames of "Passion of Joan of Arc."

but I don't mind. there aren't many mirrors in my house. & for me the best part of getting old is letting go of vanity. I was never a beauty so it's easy. I remember how startld I was upon seeing my first age spot. now I'm a garden of spots & wrinkles & sags.


durlx said...

You were always a beauty, dear.

AlexG said...

Durl doll -- the check is in the mail.

Judson said...

letting go of vanity is a scary scary thought. Scary because I see the obvious advantages, but scary too because of the fear that once the looks are gone what if all I am was the looks?