16 May 2005

hey Mr. Postman

I startd writing to people I didn't know when I was 10. first came writers. then movie stars. of course they weren't strangers to me because I knew their work. but I surely was a stranger to them. that I receivd so many replies was never a surprise to a pre-teen but feels quite remarkable to me now.

today with the ease of e's I've begun writing to people I don't know again. perhaps the nonchalance of electronic mail invites it. I know that I receive an increasing amount of mail from folks who have found my work online. I always try to answer promptly & honestly. recently I've written to some poets who have sites. perhaps they haven't answerd because they haven't seen my site or read my work. altho I've been publishing for more than 40 years I never expect anyone to know who I am.

I suspect the silence that has greetd my mail to them colors how I read their blogs. just as the richness of friendship enhances the blogs of those I know either face-to-face or via correspondence.

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