09 May 2005

old clothes

in my closet is a corduroy vest I had in high school. I'm wearing it in a picture in my senior yearbook. I don't remember a time when I didn't have clothing favorites which I never wantd to wear out. there was a plaid shirt I had while going to Eastern Heights Junior High that I think my mother finally "liberatd" when it simply became too tawdry.

I still have difficulty parting with familiar items.

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when & where I purchasd this Howdy Doody tee is no longer in my memory bank. but I've been wearing it for many years now. as I was putting it on this ayem I noticd some holes around the collar. I put it on anyway & wore it to the gym. then I bravely decid'd this wd be the final wearing. it must go.

perhaps I'll cut it up & use it for a mail art piece. but then I've already done something like that. there was a floral shirt from my hippie period. I remember Henry Steele Commager admiring it at some reception. I cut it up & used it for a series of collages I sent out for Valentines Day. do any of those survive? the only one I know of is with my correspondence to Ira Joel Haber in his papers at Kent State.

whatever.... this Howdy is history.


jeff w said...

you ARE
howdy doody

put me on the
mailing --

buffalo B

jeff w said...


better yet
ask everyone you
to wear it

take a photo --

B bob

richard lopez said...

I've also got tees that I wear constantly around the house but for reasons I can't define, do not wear outside the house. one is a grey tee with a photo of my skydiver father as he descends to earth in a freefall.