31 May 2005

"music music music"

Richard Lopez passd an electronic baton to me & I'm afraid my answers reveal I'm not a "with it" guy.

the questions making the blog rounds are:

1) total number of music files on my computer

2) last cd bought
      Judy Henske "She Sang California"   Jamie Cullum "twentysomething"

3) song playing right now
      nothing. I've never conquerd the art of multi-tasking. so when I write I write & when I listen to music I listen to music.

4) 5 songs I listen to "a lot"
      "Vibrate" Rufus Wainwright
      "Ballad of Sweeney Todd" Lea DeLaria
      "Nature Boy" Peter Cincotti
      "I Love Men" Eartha Kitt
      "No Safe" Shimmerplanet

I also listen to a great deal of classical music & yes I admit it   Broadway cast albums. last opera I saw was Britten's "Paul Bunyan" & last stage musical   Guettel's "Floyd Collins." last concert I went to was by Loudon Wainwright III & next will be Bebel Gilberto.

& I must say I still get a thrill out of pulling out old vinyls & listening to Andrews Sisters & Al Hibbler & Judy Garland & Anita O'Day & Janis Joplin & Barbara Cook & the Mamas & the Papas.

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Okir said...

I have that Jamie Cullum album, and that song. It makes me feel rather old.