13 May 2005

gauze groper

I've always enjoyd reading "Police Notes" in my ayem paper. they offer unexpectd peeps into the life of my community. sometimes the humor of the prose tickles me as well. I often wish I were a novelist so I cd use this goldmine.

today the paper elevatd what wd normally be a graf in "PN" to the front page with this headline:

Woman reports
groper wrapped
in gauze to police

Jason Auslander wrote the story. I've stolen/editd/rearrangd some of his lines:

as she was soaking
in a candlelit bathtub
a boozy man
head wrappd
in strips of gauze
pushd the door open
extinguishd the candles
with his hands

she cd see
tufts of hair
between gauze strips

he knelt
groping her
in the bathtub
then fled

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