29 March 2005

Wu Sin & friendship

years ago one dear friend gave me a memento of another. Ira Joel Haber giftd me with a lobbycard for "The Secrets of Wu Sin"   a forgotten poverty row quickie. it features Lois Wilson. I look at the card often but presumd the movie was lost.

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not long ago another friend of many years James Robert Parish told me abt Hollywood's Best Movies which specializes in obscure titles. there I found Lois'1932 credit. hardly a major work nonetheless it's an appealing film. Lois gives another of her understatd performances in the role of a faild novelist whose suicide attempt is foild by a newspaper editor. he gives her a job & she's soon cracking a big story in Chinatown. the script is by Betty Burbridge who had a long writing career in Hollywood   specializing in westerns.

so watching the film brought together Lois & Ira Joel & Jim which made it not like seeing most movies. this one had a personal mark of friendship on it. & that made for a lovely evening.

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