15 March 2005


last year Matthew Wascovich askd me to write an intro to East Rec. this Slow Toe publication features poems by Wasco & Matthew Jablonski. the buddies grew up together in my hometown of Elyria so it was fun to be askd to break the champagne bottle on the bow of this venture.

last week I finally met Jablonski. after college he spent some time in Boulder sitting in on Anne Waldman's classes at Naropa. now he's back in Ohio where he's married & a new father. when he isn't writing poems (publishd in wee editions by Octagon Free Press) or playing with his son he teaches history at my old high school.

there are many years between our growing-up-in-Elyria stories but it was fun to compare. that wonderful old library downtown was gone before Matt began formulating memories but he did work out in the ancient gym at the Y before its destruction.

before departing I suggestd that when the weather improves he & Wasco & I get together at Cascade Park.

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