21 March 2005

party line

Brian's Drive-In is one of my fave websites. I presume he must be my age because he tends to focus on the stars I knew as a boy.

here are a couple of pictures from his site which showd how young men kept in touch in that long-ago time before cell phones.

Rory & Guy Posted by Hello

Tab & John Posted by Hello

in case you're too young to remember (& if you are get thee to Blockbuster) the first photo is Rory Calhoun & Guy Madison. & on the bottom (did I really say that?) are Tab Hunter (whose autobio is in the works) & John Bromfield.

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richard lopez said...

love that drive-in site too. showed it to a coworker a few months back when we discovered we both shared a mutual love of the 60s beach flicks. I'm a sucker for drive-ins, and most anything that relates or involves drive-ins. I'm waiting for some one or some dvd company to release a series of discs of the old intermission promos. anyway, it is a lovely, cozy night. got a stack of new books beside me and just finished watching Bergman's beautiful Smiles of a Summer Night. dig it!