18 March 2005

a couple of bartenders

it's been nearly 21 years since my last drink. don't miss it at all. but for some reason I've been thinking abt a pair of bartenders. both dead now they were on opposite coasts in the mid '70s. for different reasons I was attractd to both.

John Gibson workd at Numbers when it was at its original location across Sunset Blvd from Schwab's. I first saw the onetime Chippendale stripper showing all in the pages of Playgirl. I never followd soaps on tv with any kind of regularity so I missd his appearances there. however I did see him in bit parts in movies. he had a stunning body which explains my attraction. he wasn't particularly personable as a bartender. all business. I went to the bar cause it was a quick walk from Chateau Marmont -- my residence when I visitd Hollywood. its reputation was as a hustler bar. I never heard if Gibson was gay-for-pay. when he died in a 1986 plane crash he was living with Vanna White.

Kim workd at Backstage which was a restaurant & piano bar in Manhattan's theater district. it was the venture of Cleveland-born Ted Hook. Ted was a likable follow who startd in show biz as a Hollywood extra & dancer. he was one of the men in uniform behind Aldo Ray (not a bad place to be) in "Miss Sadie Thompson." & I believe he was one of those gentlemen who dangld diamonds at Marilyn in that famous musical number. he eventually became secretary to Tallulah Banhkead & then Joan Blondell. his place was always packd with celebs   many of whom wd get up & perform. I spent many a nite at the bar where Kim was a sweet presence. if I ever knew his last name it's gone. I believe he was an actor who was employd behind the bar more often than on a stage. even if it'd be months between visits he'd remember me. & now some 30 years later I still remember him.


John said...

Your words about John Gibson rang so true for me. I sat at that bar as an ogler; fantasying of him after breaking up with my first lover ('77). He would also work out at my gym occasionally, always aloof. I felt he enjoyed the attention of men... as did most other Playguy models.
Oh another Playgirl memory- Bart Turner, an on again off again boyfriend of mine for years was centerfold around '75. He was older, and the last time I saw him he was obviously having substance problems. I'm afraid I was not as kind as he wanted nor as I could have been...

Your blog is very well done. Nice journaling.

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