21 March 2005

"in favor of life"

I'm not the only gringo at my gym. but there is a clear Hispanic majority in the membership. I presume most of them are Catholic just as I've always presumd that Catholics are taught to be an unquestioning flock. so I was quite surprisd this ayem. in the sauna a white-haird gent sd "I can't believe Congress wants to keep alive a woman who's been brain dead 15 years while they support killing thousands of innocent people in Iraq." his friends actually agreed.

this gave me such a rush. perhaps the administration's blatant pandering to the religious right & the legislature's attempt to rewrite previous judicial rulings will stir folks to realize what's happening in this country. as I walkd home the rush got headier. I imagind the citizenry finally fuming. I imagind Shrub impeachd   DeLay imprisond   Frist demotd to a college presidency. there was a bounce in my step. for a moment there was a bounce in my step.

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