19 March 2005

let us prey

some wonder why I loathe religions so. simply put: organizd religion has brought more pain to the planet than peace.

almost daily there are new examples of the hypocrisies of churches & their leaders. the latest comes from San Diego. a Catholic by the name of John McCusker died. because he ownd 2 gay bars his bishop -- Robert Brom -- denied him a funeral in the SD diocese. this is the same Brom who was accusd of coercing a young seminarian into having sex. altho the bishop denied the accusation his church settld the lawsuit by giving the young man $100000.

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Moi said...

I'm totally with you on this...
I had to laugh about the Vatican's belated reaction to The Da Vinci Code... kind of like the movie blacklist they used to publish.

Ah, the catholic church... it's a shame that all that beautiful art and architecture is controlled by a bunch of morons!