23 March 2005

Fred Ott meets Gary Brolsma

for those like me who find the incunabular days of film thrilling the earliest work of Edison & the Lumiere freres remains essential viewing.

one of the first famous films is the short "Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze" (1894) which is also known as "Fred Ott's Sneeze."

the other day a friend sent me "Numa Numa Dance." I'd seen part of the popular self-video on tv & certainly read abt it online. in case you've been in a cave this is the short film of a New Jersey 19 year-old lip-syncing to a song by O-zone.

watching it fresh I immediately thot of Fred Ott. when he put snuff in his nose in front of an Edison camera he became a part of cinema history. he was not the first person to appear before a camera -- just as Brolsma isn't the first to dance on webcam. but there was something abt Ott's quick moment that has lastd. & I have the feeling that when the history of the internet gets written it'll include a photo of Brolsma.


durlx said...

I love that Numa Numa guy! There's a natural kind of brilliance.

Apparently he never thought that his lil video would bring so much fame and he is terrible uncomfortable with his noteriety.

It makes me want to leave a nice little basket of freshly baked cookies at his doorstep, with a note: Dude! You are amazing!

Charlie said...

I memorized the whole song I love it.But you need to put the video on your web page