19 December 2013


Charles Lieurance postd an old illustration on Facebook this morning.  it was Santa Claus looking into a Viewmaster. that got me all nostalgic.  so I went to the corner of the closet where I have my old Viewmaster & the plastic box in which I filed my disks.

each disk has 7 3-D photos. they cover everything from Eisenhower's inauguration to Old Faithful.  I took a look at some favorites -- Al Rosen on a basball star disk & Barbara Stanwyck on a movie star disk.

strangely I'd completely forgotten there was a disk of Santa Fe. it was taken at fiesta time & includes shots of the parade going past the plaza.

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cinemage books said...

lucky you to have the plastic case, I still have my old view master but its broken and I lost the plastic oblong case years ago, still have al the reels though and bought a new viewer a few years ago.