18 December 2013

true crime

I was 11 when Marilyn Sheppard was murderd in a town 23 miles from mine. it was all over the local news & was one of the first murders I followed. then the next year Billy Woodward was murderd. that one had the scent of Hollywood abt it.  so I put clippings abt the case in my movie star scrapbooks.

all of this came back last nite as I watchd the seductive ID channel.  their series "A Crime to Remember" finishd up with a reenactment of the Woodward case (featuring a cute young actor by the name of Kurt Smith as Billy).

both of these crimes became famous. the Sheppard case inspired the series "The Fugitive." & the Woodward story was told by both Truman Capote & Dominick Dunne. & both cases seem to stay alive.  my cousin Sal pointd out the site of the Sheppard murder when we drove thru Bay Village not so long ago.  & recently I saw Brooke Shields on stage.  her grandmother was one of Billy Woodward's romances.

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