21 December 2013

a holiday long ago & far away

Mom wrote on the back: "Taken at Higbee's   Cleveland   December - 47."

when I retired from Kent State my library colleagues Dean Keller & Jeanne Somers put together a little tribute book. among those contributing was novelist Alicia Metcalf Miller.  she began with this:

The year we met, I received a Christmas postcard from Alex, a photograph of him at three or four seated on Santa's knee at the old downtown Higbee's Department Store.  I was charmed by the card for all sorts of reasons. I was also astonished that the little boy on Santa's knee seemed uncannily to be the very same Alex I knew, only considerably shorter.


Bob said...

What a great pic. It's almost like Santa may have his hand on your back pulling a string to make you talk.

Alex Gildzen said...

of course I have zero memory of this event. what fascinates me abt the picture today is the look on my face. I can see a mind in there working. & then the clothes.

Eunice M Rose said...

I love the pic! You haven't changed one single bit! Darn; I wish I had seen the newscast on NBC about the Terminal Tower all lit up. Did I get to tell you that I was in Cleveland for Thanksgiving, and I actually went all touristy and had a super time at The Christmas Story House? No? Okay...I went to Cleveland for Thanksgiving and had a super time at the Christmas Story House; bought a leg lamp ornament for my Buffalo friend's tree. Far too much fun!
Everyone have a marvelous holiday and a very happy new year.