08 December 2013


as I continue to process the material I sent myself from 429 I discoverd this photo of me in Hollywood which I didn't have. not sure but I suspect it's 1987.


Etienne Culler said...

I must have been there about 4 years earlier. I heard a "Grauman's" tie-in you might like. Seems that, years later after having been released from a mental institution Harry Thaw, who'd murdered famous architect Stanford White at the old Madison Square Garden in NYC due to a rivalry over showgirl Evelyn Nesbit, was visiting LA. Upon seeing Grauman's Egyptian theater, he exclaimed: "My God, I shot the wrong architect!"

Alex Gildzen said...

great story.

I shd've mentiond this is Grauman's Chinese. the Egyptian down the street is wonderful inside but lacks curb appeal.

BTW Evelyn lived her final years in Hollywood. I had a poem abt her in my last book but it didn't make the final edit.