13 December 2013


as much as I love the internet & my online files I fear the computer has brought some traditions to an end. for instance   when I was growing up every kitchen had a little recipe box. & it was full of handwritten cards passing on this particular heritage. but I doubt many families still have one.

going thru one of these old recipe boxes provides more than a little of the history of the family who kept it. several years ago the children of my boyhood neighbor Helen Mahl (1921-2007) put together Dinner at 410: Mom's Favorite Recipes. both a lovely tribute to that family's matriarch & an invaluable collection it feels like one of those recipe boxes in book form.  I'm particularly fond of the recipe for "Egg noodles for soup." in listing the ingredients there's this: "3 1/2 doz eggs, separated (need yolks only: give whites to Helen Gildzen)." that brings back so much history of our neighboring families.

while closing up 429 I discoverd some of my mother's recipes.  altho I knew I'd probably never make much from them I had to keep some because of all the memories they evoke. here are 2 of the "ethnic" ones.  the top recipe is in Mom's hand.  bottom in Dad's.

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