17 December 2013

Mom's dolls

before packing up 429 I had the good sense to take some photos to document how my parents lived.

these are in Mom's study -- which had been my bedroom when I was a lad. I had a single bookshelf over my bed. don't think I have any photos of that. much later Dad built these shelves for Mom's doll collection. hard to see but there's a plastic sheet over the shelves to protect the dolls from dust.

I packd up some of the dolls for my cousin Paula in Georgia.  some others I gave to Mom's friend Barbara who is a collector. but many of the dolls I got Mom on trips & I wantd to keep some of those. so I now have a whole plastic container full of dolls.  they don't work well with my style but I have been able to position a few around the house as a constant reminder of Mom & her collection.

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