31 December 2013

too tired for tears

biting cold on walk to gym. but workout essential to push me thru today's chores.  the procrastintor in me faces an agenda requiring completion before year's end. already I've accomplishd more crap today than in most weeks.

& then we face this holiday tonite. aging unveils more truths with each year. & the nasty truth abt New Years Eve is the sight of my personal hourglass emptying. as usual I will go to bed at my regular time & hope that my neighbors don't wake me with their drunken revels. tonite is the saddest of all holidays.


Alex Gildzen said...

Mom just calld & was so buoyant & cheery it erased my triste for the moment

richard lopez said...

i am so glad to read that. i've been nursing a blue patch too for a few weeks but keeping my best face forward. but it is a very lovely day, california is facing a tough drought but the weather is utterly gorgeous. i am home waiting for nick and anna to arrive for fondue at my mother-in-law's home.

one of the best things of the past year is meeting and hanging -thank god! - you in SF.

Anonymous said...

Your mother continues to be phenomenal...a class act...not so much grower older with grace as simply living with grace. Happy New Year Alex! Happy New Year Helen!