25 June 2013

such a time

I've known Jim Provenzano for 33 years.  so sitting down to lunch was like old times. & so much to discuss abt our lives & writing.

we went walking around the Castro -- past the former Elephant Walk & the space where Harvey Milk's camera shop was.  then he treatd me to the GLBT History Museum where he took this picture of me with one of Sylvester's costumes.  my concession to fashion is the first wearing of my Walt Cassidy neck piece.

I had to do a green room photo op so we partd for a few hours. shorltly after I got there Joel Singer arrivd & we gave each other major hugs. then Anna Halprin arrivd & I was suddenly starstruck.

I also got to tell Chris Turner how much I like his photography & to meet Santa Fe composer Jami Sieber. then the "Big Joy" team posed together in front of the Frameline backdrop.  John Held took this:

we went down to our seats & a sell-out crowd of 1400. it was so emotional to be sitting beside Joel as the film unrolld. & the audience was super -- laughing & applauding & I think even crying a bit. here's s still of me:

when it was over the directors   Stephen & Eric   invitd 6 of us on stage.  the applause was still going on as I walkd toward the stage of the historic Castro Theater.  Armistdad Maupin met me mid-aisle.  he put his arm around me & told me I was wonderful in the film.  so I had quite the grin on my face.  Jim took this with his phone:

as I left the theater strangers came up to talk with me.  the most enthusiastic was Sister Missionary Position.  that's one of the names of the gentleman who co-founded the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (& himself the subject of another doc in the festival). he grabbd my arm & told me I was handsomer than on screen. it was obvious that had there been a bed on the street he'd have whiskd me into it.

next stop: Cafe Flore for the after party.  there Jim & I chattd with one of the film's editors -- Kyung Lee -- & I got a chance to speak with my "co-stars" Neeli Cherkovski & Jack Foley. after the after party Jim & I went next door to Faetopia.  this pop-up queer festival was in what was Tower Records.  on the walls were some of Joel's collages & other work.  Jim introduced me to Steven Saylor.

& at one point a man I'd noticed at the Flore stoppd by seemingly anxious to talk with me abt archives & documentaries.  he sd "my name is Arthur & I'm a photographer." wellllllll   it was Arthur Tress. at that point the batteries on my camera died so I have no picture with him.  however he signd his card for me.

before the Broughton program began I discussd an upcoming exhibition of his work with curator Joey Cain.  then Mark Thompson appeard with lovely words & Jason Jenn declared some of the Hermes poems.

that city's frequent fog was in the air as Jim & I went to Sweet Inspiration.  the super moon was mysterious in the fog.  after such a magical day I needed no more inspiration but a sweet was in order.  finally Jim walkd me back to my room in the b & b where James & Joel used to stay.


Bob said...

A magical trip. So happy for you.

Kyung Lee said...

I found myself in one of your photos! So great to see you at Castro. Kyung

Eric Slade said...

Thanks for this lovely account of the day and evening Alex. It's all a bit of a blur for me, so it's great to be able to read all about it.
Sister Mish is right. And you are wonderful!

Alex Gildzen said...

thx Eric. & a special hug for bringing me on to that historic stage. I love being treatd as a star.