04 June 2013

Rex Williams (1917-2004)

made 21 films during his decade in front of the camera. later in life he was a painter & sculptor in Santa Fe. abt a year & a half before he died I had a pleasant chat with him abt his career at Warner Brothers.

last nite TCM kickd off its tribute to Eleanor Parker with her first featurd part in an hour-long B picture "Busses Roar."  & there was Rex Williams as a villain.  this 1942 movie is a little propaganda production.  but it boasts a terrific cast including in a small part future restauranteur Harry Lewis with whom I once shared a table at one of those big dinner parties at the Beverly Hilton.

the film is without pretense. it is what it is. & it's simply fun to watch.

here we see Williams in a couple of scenes (one with Charles Drake & Willie Best):

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